Louise Nordstrøm Hansen


Tlf: +45 52609540

Danske Bank

Reg. nr. 1551

Konto. 4070007797

Louise Nordstrøm Hansen


Louise Nordstrøm Hansen - Well-known local artist living in Blytækkerporten in Avedøre - Born in 1985 and raised in Hvidovre. Louise's passion for painting started as a hobby, but in a few years has developed into a business of unique paintings with beautiful and natural motifs - often of animals or other harmonious creatures added with a touch of spirituality and serenity. Louise's galloping development stems from her courageous ability to push the boundaries of both her techniques, motifs and her choice of colors without compromising her artistic identity. Louise chose to use her artistic abilities to process the grief when she lost her mother in 2017. Louise's artistic and personal development accelerated strongly and resulted in the design of spiritual motifs that still create a positive and safe escape from reality.